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USC Trojans Football 2016: two practices left before Clay Helton releases a depth chart

On Sunday Clay Helton will release his depth chart for the 2016 season.

Pac-12 Championship - Stanford v USC Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

The USC Trojans spent Wednesday’s practice focusing on situational football once again. Specifically USC spent plenty of time on their 4 minute drill which will help strengthen the running game, teach improve their young defensive line and and teach the team how to finish games. The four minute drill also helps with toughness and will improve the offense in general if they are able to run the ball even when everyone in the building knows they are going to run.

Helton plans to spend today and Friday finding out what everyone’s roll on the team will be. In the next two days Helton hopes to finalize the depth chart and then on Sunday start the final two weeks preparing for their opening game against Alabama.

The defense has made plenty of progress according to Helton who said the team is right where they need to be. This is great news as the defensive line in particular is a huge area of concern for the Trojans who lost 5 players at the end of last season and lost Kenny Bigelow to injury. With Helton pleased with their progress it could be a great sign. The unit still has to face three of the best rushing teams in the country in their first four games.

As far as the quarterback competition is concerned, however, Helton has not made his decision as to who the starting quarterback will be. He still intends to weigh all of the tape and make a decision on Saturday and will release a depth chart on Sunday.

With grades finalized from the summer all USC players who were on the team last year are academically eligible to play football this semester. This is in addition to all of the incoming recruits being academically eligible as well.

You can watch the full presser below:

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