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Traveler Hates Thursdays Podcast: Episodes 41 & 42

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Didn't get around to posting last weeks so I'm posting both here in order. As always follow on SoundCloud and Twitter, Subscribe/download on iTunes!

Episode 41: Baylor's Shame & The Fight that almost ended the podcast.

Saman and Will (seriously) dig into the sexual assault report concerning Baylor University. In more light-hearted news, they praise the Kevon Seymour profile, rip Dennis Dodd's piece on USC head coach Clay Helton, and share their big-time tussle.

Episode 42: Preview with the Frenemy: Stanford

Due to a scheduling conflict, Saman and Will leapfrog in the schedule and chat with Nick Dempsey, who manages both this very site,  Conquest Chronicles (@CChroniclesSBN), and Stanford blog Rule of Tree (@RuleOfTree).