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Remembering the Legacy of USC Trojans legend Reggie Bush

The great impact of one of the most elusive and influential players in Trojan history

Donald Miralle/Getty Images

USC fans know there have been many elusive Trojans players over the years. From OJ Simpson, Mike Garrett, Keyshawn Johnson and all the other countless All-Americans who have sported that famous cardinal and gold uniform, there is no denying the elite talent. However, from 2003-2005 there was one player was the most elusive player in the nation. That man was Reggie Bush. Heisman trophy winner. National Champion. The definition of elusive.

Though his records and accomplishments have been vacated from the university due to the NCAA violations, there is no denying Bush's talent. Every week Bush juked, spun, and embarrassed defenses in a Sportscenter top ten highlight. USC football was an elite program propelled to the top by the likes of Reggie Bush. The numbers speak for themselves: Over 6,000 all- purpose yards and 40 plus touchdowns. Sounds like a legend to me.

Bush was able to create a lifetime of memories from his infamous 2005 performance against Fresno State or the "Bush Push" on quarterback Matt Leinart to overcome Notre Dame that same year. He had a major impact since his freshman year as he set the school record for all-purpose yards which was only the beginning of an amazing career.

As Bush provided Trojan fans with some amazing moments during his three year tenure, the impact that he had off of the field was another factor that contributed to the game of football. Around that time I was in middle school so playing backyard football was a popular activity. I remember everyone trying to reverse the length of the field of kick returns or spinning past multiple defenders for a long touchdown. Many young players, like Stanford's Christian McCaffrey, wanted to be like Reggie Bush. His game play was iconic which allowed skill players to show there complete athleticism.

As most of us know, Bush's professional route was not as successful even though from time to time we would be see some highlight reel plays. It all feels so long ago that USC was the nation's most dominant team in the mid-2000's. With the unfortunate outcome that Bush went through after the NCAA violations, his legacy will still remain legendary. Even opponents and rivals had to respect his game. Who knows if we will ever see another Reggie Bush but one thing is certain the legacy of number 5 will always be remembered.

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