The Real Reason Why UCLA Hates USC

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The popular media - ABC and the Los Angeles Times sportswriters in particular, place an undue amount of emphasis on the USC-UCLA rivalry - and they do so solely for the benefit of the folks in Westwood. Shame on you! Notre Dame is USC's main rival, not the scrappy lil Bruins. When both USC and Notre are competitive, it is truly magical. It is the ONLY cross sectional rivalry in college sports. Every other rivalry is regional. Duke - North Carolina, Florida - Florida State, Cal-Stanford, Texas-Oklahoma, Georgia-Florida, LSU-Alabama, Penn State-Pitt. Get the picture? USC leads the overall series, 45-31-7.

I have a dear friend who received her undergraduate degree from the University of Missouri. She was raised in St. Louis, but received her masters from UCLA. Why does she go out of her way to remind me when USC loses a game - to anyone, but especially to UCLA when she did not go there for her undergraduate studies? This narrative is true for my "friends" in Los Angeles who didn't even attend college. UCLA good - USC bad, is their elementary school logic. Or, am I being for too disrespectful to elementary school children everywhere?

In Los Angeles, UCLA is seen as the school that most Angelinos support. USC is private, and has a false perception of being snobbish - see University of Spoiled Children. What most people don't know is USC, via the Norman Topping Fund, the USC Dental School, Med-Cor, Upward Bound, the Neighborhood Academic Initiative, among other powerful programs, makes USC a force for community uplift in Los Angeles, on the West Coast, the United States and the world. Moreover, USC is the largest private employer in the City of Angeles.

USC is in rare company. Like Michigan and Notre Dame, we have more than one traditional rival. Michigan's arch nemesis is Ohio State, then in-state rival Michigan State, the "other major university". Michigan is the class of the Big Ten, like it or not, history has spoken. USC is the bedrock of the Pac-12 and has the trophy case to prove it. Ohio State doesn't have a true in state enemy.

Over the years, I have taken exceptional pleasure by posing this question to UCLA graduates, and even worse, UCLA fans. Who is UCLA's #1 rival? USC!! they say with scorn. WHO is USC's number one rival? The looks I've seen over the years - priceless!! Some have protested "everyone" is Notre Dame's rival. From its 1926 inception, legendary coaches, NFL Hall of Famers, All Americans, All Pro's and Heisman winners, nothing can match the grandeur of USC-Norte Dame in football.

Over the years, Stanford, yes, Stanford has had the greatest success against the Men of Troy. USC and Stanford are the only private institutions in the Pac 12, and that enmity is just below UCLA in terms of rigor and hatred between the two schools. Cal and USC has had some memorable battles thanks to those tough Pete Carroll defenses and the likes of Arron Rodgers, DeSean Jackson and Marshawn Lynn before he was beast mode. A successful UCLA football season is 8 wins plus a win over Troy - this relegates them to an eternal "spoiler" role.

An ugly 13-9 victory saved Karl Dorrel for one more year and kept the Trojans out of the BCS championship in 2009. I've seen UCLA, and other Pac-12 foes, for that matter, execute super human feats against the Trojans that do not happen otherwise. USC gets everybody' best effort... Most reasonable sports fans identify UCLA as a basketball school - and they are a faded power at that, much like Arizona after Lute Olsen's departure. UCLA is the irate diminutive brother who has an Oedipus type hate for his stronger, more intelligent, handsome and well accomplished older sibling. Less than 14 miles separate the two schools. UCLA reserves all of their venom for USC and USC doesn't return the favor. This fundamental fact warms my heart. Every time UCLA boasts - "We rule LA", it blows up in their faces, ask Rick Neuheisel. From

2012-2014, Jim Mora beat USC on the field three years in a row, yet he cannot sign key Southern California recruits. Why not you ask? History matters. Those who say it doesn't, cannot rely on its benefit, are solely misinformed, or both. USC isn't "Trojan Nation". What I heard, and felt during my studies and long after was the Trojan Family. Sports is merely an extension of the university's main mission of service to the world via science, research and education. Friendships with former professors, faculty and staff and my classmates, other alumni, last a lifetime due to our love for our alma mater.

UCLA hates us - because they ain't us.
Fight On!!

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