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How to watch and stream the USC Trojans Spring Football game

The USC Trojans are playing a football game today, here is how you can watch and stream.

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The 2016 USC Trojans football spring game:

Time: 3:00 P.T.

T.V.: Pac-12 Network

StreamingPac-12 Live

Be on the lookout for:

The quarterback competition:
Clay Helton originally wanted the quarterback competition to be over by the end of Spring. Now it does not look like that will happen. Helton has said that unless there is a clear gap between Max Browne and Sam Darnold in the Spring game that this competition will continue on into fall camp.

Defensive line play:
There are plenty of new faces on the defensive line. That unit lost 5 players from last season, and one of the few players to have any significant amount of snaps, Kenny Bigelow, is injured. There is plenty of talent on the line, but not much experience. This unit has to contend with the three great rushing teams in their first four games. How well this unit plays will be critical for the Trojans as they play Alabama, Stanford and Utah (all away from the Coliseum) in the month of September. Helton has said this unit has progressed more than he thought they would, but they still have a long way to go.

New faces:
In addition to a new defensive line, there will be new quarterbacks, new tight ends, new linebackers, new receivers, a new and retooled offensive coaching staff and a new defensive coaching staff and with the new coaches also brings new schemes and formations on both sides of the ball. Getting everyone on the same page, working as a cohesive unit could be a huge task for this team and the Spring game will be an early opportunity to see how well they are progressing on this front.

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