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Conquest Chronicles Video Podcast Episode 6: USC Trojans Spring game preview and more

The latest episode of the Conquest Chronicles Video Podcast is out!

We recorded this episode before news of Lynn Swann's hiring took place, you can read about that here:

"Legendary USC Trojans wide receiver and Super Bowl Champion Lynn Swann has been named the next Athletic Director for the USC Trojans when Pat Haden steps down in June. Swann will be the new athletic director effective July 1, 2016.

There had been rumors about several athletic directors from many different schools including Louisville, TCU and Stanford. The Trojans, however, have a long standing tradition of limiting hires to within in the Trojan family and Swann's hiring seems to fit that mold. The man he will be replacing, Pat Haden is another USC Trojan legend, who took over after Mike Garrett himself also a legendary Trojan.

Swann was a Super Bowl MVP, an All-American at USC has won championships with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the USC Trojans. He is a USC graduate, a successful broadcaster and is active in his community and government."

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