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USC Trojans in the NFL: Mark Sanchez outlook with the Denver Broncos

Former USC Trojans quarterback Mark Sanchez has a great opportunity with the Denver Broncos.

Harry How/Getty Images

After years of ruling campus, photo shoots; some success and some failure on the field, Mark Sanchez's rollercoaster career has landed himself on the defending Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos.

Denver is Sanchez's third stop since leaving USC for the NFL. He's been a disappointment for owners, coaches and fantasy football players everywhere since the New York Jets traded up to fifth overall to take in the 2009 draft.

Now this may be Sanchez's final chance at being a starting quarterback in the NFL. His "first-string" status has not been solidified, but, as long as he gets the opportunity, the Broncos will give him a better chance to succeed than any other team during his NFL career.

It seems the only big hole to fill for the Broncos is the quarterback position because Peyton Manning has hung up his cleats for family and Budweiser. It may sound strange, but Mark Sanchez may be a better option at quarterback for the Broncos than Manning was for them last season.

Manning may have more playoff experience than Sanchez, but that's not entirely Sanchez's fault. If you take Sanchez's total playoff experience with the Jets (six games) and compare it to Manning's after joining the Broncos (eight games), you will find comparable numbers.

Sanchez posted a 4-2 record with the Jets in the postseason, one of which was against the almighty New England Patriots. That's compared to Manning's 5-3 postseason record with the Broncos.

Sanchez has a slightly less accurate completion percentage, 60.5%, than Manning's 63.4%. Manning also passed an average of 50 yards per game more than Sanchez did during those games.

Sanchez had a better touchdown-interception ratio (3:1) and also had a stronger passer rating (94.3) than Manning did during those games.

He may have to adjust to the Mile High City, but Denver will give Sanchez his best chance to become a champion because of the players around him.

Manning is leaving Mark Sanchez with more weapons than he's ever had during his professional career, including one of the league's most powerful receivers. Demaryius Thomas has caught at least 90 balls and at least 1,300 yards in each of his last four seasons.

On the other side of the field is Emmanuel Sanders who is coming off of his two strongest years as an NFL receiver. During the last two seasons, he has hauled in 177 passes for more than 2,500 yards and 15 touchdowns.

Let's not stop there. Sanchez also inherited a fair running game, which will help open up the passing game.

And last, but not least, the defense. There's no reason Sanchez cannot help the Denver Broncos win another championship with the defense it has in place.

Sanchez was not blessed with offensive talent while he was in New York. Injuries and a crowded field of quarterbacks in Philadelphia limited his chance to make anything of that opportunity. Now can be his time in Denver.

After all, Mark Sanchez would not be the worst quarterback to win a championship (cough, cough, Trent Dilfer).

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