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Former USC Trojans QB Matt Leinart turned down an offer to be the Bachelor. Twice.

Matt Leinart could have gone from USC QB to reality tv star.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Given how much Matt Leinart seems to love going in the hot tub with multiple women, it's peculiar that he would turn down an offer to be the Bachelor on more than one occasion.

But, apparently, he did.

Leinart told Fox Sports Radio's "Outkick the Show," that he was approached about doing the show "six or seven years ago," and then again for a second time last fall.

The former USC football player was hit up by "a couple of Bachelor scouts" while walking around Manhattan Beach. He says he "respectfully declined" the opportunity even though he's an "avid viewer of the show" (and according to Instagram, has a pretty serious long-term girlfriend).

"It was so random," Leinart said. "It was two women, and they said, ‘Hey, we're looking for contestants on ‘The Bachelor,' would you be interested?' Usually, I can kind of tell if they knew who I was or not, but they were just walking around scouting the beach area. It was kind of funny."

It seems they liked his look after the first offer because they ended up picking a guy who looks just like him.

Jesse Palmer from ESPN ended up being the football player to get the gig. It worked out really well for him... Jk, he's still a bachelor.

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