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Conquest Chronicles Video Podcast Episode 3: NFL Combine, USC Basketball, Keary Colbert, and more

The latest episode of the Conquest Chronicles Video Podcast is out!

We're putting together a new show here at Conquest Chronicles, check out our latest episode where we work out the kinks while discussing The NFL Combine, whats going on with USC Trojans Basketball, Keary Colbert, Reggie Miller, and more. Let us know what you think. You can watch above or check it out on YouTube.


From: "USC Hoops rebounds with a big win over Oregon State":

"With the final game of the season on the horizon, the Trojans will face their tallest task of the season.

As the ninth ranked team in the nation, Oregon (24-6, 13-4) is looking to head into the Pac-12 tournament with full momentum in hopes of a tournament sweep and an eventual NCAA Tournament deep run.

To prove they belong in not just the Pac-12 tournament finals, but also the NCAA tournament, the Trojans must make a statement in their final game.

It won't be enough to keep the game close, USC must find the depth they've been looking for all season long and prove they are ready for March Madness."