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The Latest and Greatest USC Trojans links from around the web for March 15, 2016

We search for the latest and greatest USC Trojans stories from around the web so that you don't have to.

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We are expanding! . . . Now onto the links.

On the site today, we have the fourth episode of our video podcast, as well as Richard Mejia's latest breakdown of potential high impact wide receivers. In other football news, former USC star Mark Sanchez was just acquired by the Denver Broncos.

And in basketball news, the men's team has made it to the NCAA tournament. The Trojans received an initial seeding of No. 8, close to the original bracketology predictions, and will play No. 9 Providence Friars in the first round.

The LA Daily News refers to this as the Trojans reaching the tournament "a year ahead of schedule," and the LA Times wrote about the recent success as well. In one article, they referred to the Trojans as flying "under the radar" until their recent return to the national stage, and in another article profiled the team's secrets to victory.

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