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The Latest and Greatest USC Trojans links from around the web for March 11, 2016

We search for the latest and greatest USC Trojans stories from around the web so that you don't have to.

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We are expanding! . . . Now onto the links.

We've got a couple of new podcast episodes up on the site today, with a new edition of Traveler Hates Thursdays, as well as the fourth episode of the Dog Days of Dedeaux. And if you'd like to listen to any of our past episodes for any of the podcasts from our site, we've just put together a comprehensive podcast archive.

In other news, the men's basketball team was unable to hold off the Utes in yesterday's quarterfinals game for the Pac-12 playoffs. Utah beat the Trojans 80-72. Reign of Troy writes that this was the third time this year that USC fell to the Utes, so it was bound to be a difficult match up from the start.

However, this will still be the first time in two years that the Trojans will have anything close to a significant post-season. The LA Times projects them to be seeded 8th or 9th in the NCAA tournament, and head coach Andy Enfield seems confident, saying "I wouldn't want to play us." The Trojans will have a week to recuperate and practice before March Madness truly begins, but until then check out the highlights from their latest attempt at beating the Utes.

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