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The Latest and Greatest USC Trojans links from around the web for March 10, 2016

We search for the latest and greatest USC Trojans stories from around the web so that you don't have to.

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Last night the Trojans won their Pac-12 Tournament opening game against UCLA, beating the Bruins 95-71. This also marks the third time that the Trojans have beat the Bruins this season, making this the first time that has happened since 1954.

The internet at large had a lot to say about USC's win over their cross-town rivals as well. CBS Sports referred to USC's success as putting an "end to a miserable season" for the Bruin while the LA Times remarked that the game "was over before halftime." The article goes on to detail the truly difficult season had by UCLA this past year. The Bruins only won two games in February and March, and any NCAA tournament play at this point in time is unlikely.

Meanwhile, Fox Sports points out that USC will be moving directly on to the Pac-12 quarterfinals, set to play No. 2 seed Utah. With the Trojans coming in at No. 7, today's game is bound to be a much more trying match up. Until then, check out the highlights from the Trojans latest victory down below.

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