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2016 NFL Combine: Antwaun Woods does not perform at Combine

Antwaun Woods attended the 2016 NFL Combine but did not perform.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Lost in modern NFL defenses are the rotund and gritty defensive lineman who use both their girth and strength to stop the run. These unsung heroes of are usually reliant on their size and tenacity as opposed to a blinding speed or overwhelming strength.

Joining this dwindling lineage of defensive behemoths is USC defensive tackle Antwaun Woods. Even though Woods didn't perform at the Combine, he was still present and measured in at 6'0" and tipped the scales at a monstrous 323 lbs.

Throughout his collegiate career, Woods made his name as a grinder. He was never assured a starting position as a Trojan and worked ever so diligently behind former teammate Leonard Williams.

Once given an opportunity, Woods earned a reputation as a surprisingly athletic lineman with an increasing motor. Even though Woods has been slowed down by both inconsistency and injuries in his time as a Trojan, his potential is intriguing.

Woods possess ideal strength alongside very quick feet. His issues in the NFL might arise in his ability to take on double teams as well as how durable his lower body could be with his excess weight.

Woods might be able to land on a team in the seventh round as a low-ceiling/low-floor guy, but ultimately, Woods can be in for a career as a reliable hand or as a part of a large 4-3 defensive line.