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2016 NFL Combine: USC Trojans running back Tre Madden

The 2016 NFL Combine is heating up and USC Trojans running back Tre Madden showed NFL Scouts his abilities.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The running back position in the NFL has become a dispensable and in most cases, a thankless job. NFL teams are becoming less likely to re-sign an elite running back, due to the high risk of injury in a passing-dominated league.
However, with the most successful teams in the league using committees of at least two running backs, there is no funeral yet to be had for the position (see full back).

USC has produced a high volume of running backs to the NFL, and with that, they've all been able to position themselves in the NFL Draft.

This year's product of "Running back U" is the troublesome case of Tre Madden. At one point, Madden was the starting workhorse for the Trojans, showing off a nearly complete skillset. However, a combination of a torn hamstring, turf toe and a few nagging injuries over the course of his college career has almost plummeted Madden's draft stock.

Combine Results:
Measurements: 6'0″ | 223 lbs | 29 3/4″ arms | 9 3/8″ hands
Bench Press (x225 lbs.): 24 reps

Much like former teammate Max Tuerk, Madden was also limited to just the bench press at the event, given that his recent injury history limited his involvement.

This however, is Tre Madden in a nutshell. You almost want to write him off because he's seemingly an injury-prone back, yet he has prototypical size and posted up the second-best reps of the running back group.

Fortunately for Madden, even though the workhorse running backs are being phased out in the NFL, teams don't consider having too many running backs much of an issue.

If he is able to check it out medically over the next couple of weeks, he has the potential to be drafted in the later rounds, with the possibility of being a high-priority undrafted free agent.