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USC Trojans Football: Quarterback Cody Kessler spoke with the Media at the NFL Combine

USC Trojans quarterback Cody Kessler spoke with the Media at the 2016 NFL Combine.

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

USC's Cody Kessler spoke to the media at the NFL combine on Thursday afternoon. Much of the conversation focused on former USC coaches, which you know, isn't the best sign.

Kessler said very nice things about former coach Steve Sarkisian. Kessler hopes he gets another opportunity to coach again.

But, that shouldn't have been the focus of Kessler's interview.

Kessler's current rating is a 5.41. He's slated to be a backup NFL QB according to most reports. However, Kessler says he's not settling for that. He plans to compete for the starting spot whenever he ends up. There are concerns his arm isn't strong enough to throw deep. The Cleveland Browns don't seem to be worried about that. Kessler confirmed to ESPN Cleveland that he's met with the Browns. Although the meeting was informal, a formal meeting may be planned for the future. Kessler says he would "love" the opportunity. Kessler has also met with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Kessler received praise for his large hands. He's tied with Dak Prescott at 10 7/8. For some reason, there is a strange amount of emphasis on hand size for this QB class. Cal QB Jared Goff said to be risky for teams that have to deal with winter because it's hard to grip the ball in the rain and snow.

Kessler said he's a similar player to Drew Brees in height, footwork and playing style. Kessler's really focusing on selling the fact he's a strong-decision maker and that he makes good plays. Kessler pointed out that at this level, everybody can throw. He says he has the mental strength to put him a step ahead.

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