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USC Trojans Football: Max Tuerk and Soma Vainuku at the 2016 NFL Combine

First up to represent the USC Trojans at the 2016 NFL Combine: Max Tuerk and Soma Vainuku

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

USC will have seven athletes represent the Trojans at the 2016 NFL combine.

Center Max Tuerk and Fullback Soma Vainuku both were measured and interviewed on Wednesday, and will be the first to represent the Men of Troy in Indianapolis at the 2016 NFL Combine for their strength, and agility skills ability.

Here are the early results:

Max Tuerk, Center:
Tuerk came into the 2016 NFL Combine off a season ending injury that robbed him the ability to show off just how talented the young man can be as a Center and leader along the offensive line. Tuerk is a bit taller than the prototypical Center in the NFL, and many scouts are noting that he has a long, and lanky build. Most Centers are shorter, with a smaller reach; Tuerk has the build of an Offensive Tackle with his long frame and big hands. However, Tuerk is relatively much leaner, and his body is much more chiseled than most Centers in the NFL. The difference is that Tuerk is known to be a leader along the line, and has exceptional athleticism. Many scouts are more interested to see how Tuerk has progressed from his season ending injury, and how his body is reacting to the rehabilitation. Tuerk will not be able to participate in many drills at the Combine, but will be able to show his progression and intelligence to scouts.

Height: 6'5"
Weight: 298lbs
Hands: 10 ¾"
Arm Length: 32 ½"

Soma Vainuku, Fullback:
Vainuku is an interesting case. The NFL has gone away from the traditional role of the Fullback for the most part, and his position is not a highly desired draft option. Vainuku is the cousin of former Trojan standout Rey Maualuga, and is known to be an "all effort, high energy" athlete. Vainuku was known be a solid athlete, and was a standout on special teams. Many scouts have complimented Vainuku's speed and strength, but needs to work on several attributes including his run-blocking ability. One NFL scout has deemed Vainuku "a bull in a Fine China shop". Scouts will be looking at how Vainuku improves his blocking and agility skills.

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 246lbs
Hands: 9 ½"
Arm Length: 32 ¾"