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Pac-12 Breakdown Episode 22: Pat Haden, Recruiting and Quarterback competitions

As always we spoke with Mark Rogers TV about that latest in Pac-12 Football. This episode featured Pat Haden's retirement and health, recruiting and quarterback battles from around the conference.

From"USC Trojans Athletic Director Pat Haden seeks medical treatment after feeling lightheaded on campus"

"In an event similar to to the one that occurred at the Notre Dame game, USC Athletic Director Pat Haden had another health episode on the USC campus today. According to a statement from the University Haden was leaving a meeting on campus when he began to feel lightheaded. He received medical treatment while on campus but remained alert. Shortly thereafter Haden was taken to his doctor later in the day. There have, as of now, been no new updates on his condition.


Haden had a similar episode on the field at the USC and Notre Dame game when he was hospitalized. Last week Haden announced that he was stepping down as Athletic Director in June but would continue to work on the Coliseum renovation project. No word yet as to whether or not this latest incident will alter those plans in any way."