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2017 Rose Bowl: Discussing the Penn State defense and USC offense with Mark Rogers TV

We spoke with Mark Rogers TV about USC football

NCAA Football: Southern California at Washington Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports



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We spoke with Mark Rogers TV to break down the Penn State Nittany Lions defense and what the USC Trojans will need to do on offense to win the Rose Bowl. For more great Pac-12 college football videos subscribe to Mark Rogers TV on YouTube.

USC Trojans Offense vs Penn State Nittany Lions Defense / Rose Bowl Preview

From: “Rose Bowl is a Chance for USC to Prove it is “Back”

“Perhaps the biggest reason why a Rose Bowl victory is the Trojans’ chance to prove they are back is due to the intense media presence around the game. Facing the reigning Big 10 champion who many people believe to be playoff-worthy is certainly a daunting task. The Big 10 was the strongest conference in college football this season and Penn State was the champion. Beating a team of that caliber on one of the biggest stages would certainly make waves around college football. No longer would anyone be able to discount USC’s victories against Washington and Colorado as signs of Pac-12 weakness (even though those arguments are extremely weak themselves).”