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2017 Rose Bowl: Discussing the Penn State offense and USC defense with Mark Rogers TV

We spoke with Mark Rogers TV about USC football

Michigan State v Penn State Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images



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We spoke with Mark Rogers TV to break down the Penn State Nittany Lions Offense and what the USC Trojans will need to do on defense to win the Rose Bowl. For more great Pac-12 college football videos subscribe to Mark Rogers TV on YouTube.

From: Penn State QB Trace McSorley key to Nittany Lions Offense

“The USC Trojans have done a tremendous job in getting penetration on defense and causing havoc in the backfield. Just flushing the QB out of the pocket or “getting him off of his spot” as Clay Helton likes to say will not be enough. The Penn State offense lives on the outside and downfield. Getting McSorley off of his spot is not necessarily going to do much besides forcing him to where he wants to be anyway. The Trojans on occasion though have had struggles in containment and can occasionally get beat deep down the field. They cannot let this happen in the Rose Bowl.

Getting to McSorley before he can get to the outside as well as playing assignment-sound defense thus taking away his options is the best way to slow the Penn State offense to a crawl. Bringing different looks and disguises that the USC defense has not shown before can also mitigate much of McSorley’s abilities to make good decisions. Penn State runs a spread option offense that hinges on good decisions by the quarterback. Limiting that quarterback’s decisions, or forcing him into bad ones is the key to keeping Penn State out of the end zone.”