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The USC Trojans have a busy December planned ahead of the Rose Bowl

3 weeks of practice, developing younger players, and more

NCAA Football: Southern California at UCLA Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday afternoon USC Trojans football coach Clay Helton spoke to the media after returning to practice. The team had four good workouts on the field prior to Tuesday but this was the first time the Trojans began implementing their game plan for the Rose Bowl. The plan is to follow their normal weekly schedule as though it were a week in the regular season. In effect the Trojans are preparing as though they have a game on Saturday, they intend to repeat the process this week and next. The team will then take a short break for Christmas allowing players to go home for the Holiday and then return to their preparations spending one last week preparing for the game on January 2nd.

Last year at this time Clay Helton was overhauling the coaching staff and trying to play catch up on the recruiting trail in addition to preparing to play in their bowl game. The end result was not positive in the short term as the Trojans lost their bowl game but in the long term the chaotic month of December 2015 appears to have paid dividends.

Helton also plans to use the three weeks of preparations for the Rose Bowl to develop his younger players. The bowl prep schedule calls for 18 practices which effectively gives the younger players “an extra spring practice” according to Helton. There may not have been an opportunity to do this last year because of the extra workload in building the coaching staff and recruiting. This year, however, Helton hopes to build up his young players for the future.



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