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USC Coach Clay Helton Q and A - Washington Week: The Huskies are the next team up

Watch: Clay Helton’s Q and A following the Oregon Game and ahead of their game with Washington

NCAA Football: Oregon at Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

While many are viewing the USC Trojans and Washington Huskies game this week as a big game and a litmus test for just how far the Trojans have come since they struggled in September. Clay Helton and the rest of the team, however, are not viewing it that way. The Trojans are viewing this game as the next team up. Helton stated:

“We’ve got blinders on. We’re going to view it as the next game and I think that is the approach we’ve taken ever since Arizona State. We’ve never got ahead of ourselves. We’ve just made all our preparation about the next team up. This just happens to be against Washington who is a good football team and is extremely well coached and at their place. It’s going to make for a lot of fun.”

Helton also had glowing praise for Washington coach Chris Petersen and quarterback Jake Browning. He also broke down the incredible pass defense for the Huskies. They are one of the best in the nation in passing yards allowed and are good at taking away passing lanes. According to Helton accuracy will be critical for Sam Darnold.

You can watch the full interview below:

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