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USC Trojans Football: Sports by Scondi - Let’s Go Bowling: USC vs Oregon Homecoming Preview

California v USC Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

One of the most irreverent USC blogs on the internet today, Sports by Scondi, has returned to publishing. You should check out his preview of USC and Oregon. A brief snippet is below:


With the injuries to our linebacker corps, our defense will struggle against the Oregon offense that has seemed to find its groove in the past couple of weeks. They found their quarterback, and their offensive scheme has always given us fits. Thankfully, this is where Clancy has gained his notoriety as a great defensive coordinator. He is known for stopping the Chip Kelly offense. Nowadays that might not hold much weight because literally anyone could stop the 49ers, but to contain Oregon’s high powered no huddle offense no-matter their record is an accomplishment in itself.

On the offensive side, it looks like we will be without two of our top three running backs. It won’t matter against this abysmal Oregon defense. The Texas Tesla gets great gas mileage. We will be able to move the ball on this team anyway we want. We will score quickly and frequently.

Our only opponent is ourselves. If we are mistakes-free, we can’t lose. That wasn’t a typo: I expect at least one turnover for Darnold. It is the price you pay for a player so talented.

USC 45 Oregon 31”