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USC vs. Oregon Staff Predictions

NCAA Football: Arizona State at Oregon Cole Elsasser-USA TODAY Sports

USC is back in action this weekend when they host the Oregon Ducks. Oregon has had a tough season but they always play the Trojans well. Here are our staff predictions:

Julian Lopez: USC-42 Oregon-24

Oregon’s offense is starting to become more explosive but their defense is still horrendous and they won’t be able to stop the Trojans offense. The only way USC doesn't score is if they turn the ball over. May this be the game the Trojans defense gets a touchdown?

Matthew Lowry: USC-45 Oregon-34

This game may actually be closer than everyone thinks and could be that “trap game” before the Trojans get Washington. Oregon’s offense may not be as dangerous as it used to be, however don’t count them out as They can still put points up. Oregon is going to put up a fight, but I think USC will take advantage of Oregon’s defensive issues and pull away in the fourth quarter.

Nick Dempsey: USC-49, Oregon-30

The Ducks are improving on offense since they’ve made a quarterback switch and their running game has come on nicely with Tony Brooks-James. The Ducks should be able to put up some points, just probably not enough because the USC offense is surging while the Oregon defense has been riding the struggle bus for a while now. Meanwhile, since Sam Darnold took over at quarterback the only team that has been able to stop the USC offense is the USC offense. Turnovers and penalties are the only reason I’m not predicting a higher score for the Trojans. USC may also want to shorten the game by slowing down on offense and keep the Ducks off the field as well.

Darrien Starling: USC 42 Oregon 28

This will be a very fun game to watch so get your popcorn ready. The Oregon offense has been able to produce points even when they are struggling. Right now they actually have momentum due to the recent lineup changes offensively. I expect the Trojans to weather their storm and create pivotal turnovers which will bolster them enough to capture the victory. USC’s offense has looked great over the past two weeks and as long as they take care of the ball, they should be able to outscore the mighty Ducks.

Steve Walter: USC 41, Oregon 31

After a 54-35 win last week against Arizona State, the Ducks come into town playing their best football of the year. Freshman quarterback Justin Herbert has finally given Oregon some stability in the midst of a tumultuous season. The bad news for the quack attack - USC is playing their best football as well, and the Sam Darnold show is getting better with every game. An improved Oregon side should make a game of it, but the Trojans have a clear edge on both sides of the ball.

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