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Colorado will play Washington in Pac-12 Championship game

USC needed Utah to win in order to advance to the conference championship

NCAA Football: Utah at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The USC Trojans had a heck of a run going 8-0 after a dreadful 1-3 start. Unfortunately for the Trojans during that 1-3 start two of their losses were to conference foes Utah Utes and Stanford Cardinal. So while USC did beat Colorado, the Buffaloes still won the division. In fact USC defeated both the Washington Huskies and the Colorado Buffaloes.

It is frustrating that the Trojans proved themselves objectively better than both teams in the Pac-12 Championship but will be sitting at home on Friday night instead of playing for the Conference title. While it is certainly a disappointing way to end the regular season it is still quite difficult to feel too down about the way this USC football team is playing. The Trojans seem to get better every week, knocked off the Huskies in Seattle, and beat UCLA and Notre Dame. Compared to how we were feeling back in September this is great. Still, what might have been?

We will have to wait until Sunday to find out where the Trojans are going bowling but it is likely not the Rose Bowl. The Rose Bowl Committee has set a pretty solid precedent of selecting the next highest ranked team from the Conference if the Rose Bowl loses a conference champion to the National Championship. Last year the Rose Bowl opted to go with Iowa over Ohio State after Iowa finished higher in the rankings.

This year, if Washington wins the Pac-12 and gets selected for the College Football Playoff the Rose Bowl will likely select Colorado to take the Huskies’ place. That is unless of course the Buffs somehow drop below the Trojans in the final rankings next Sunday. It is possible, but unlikely. We will find out soon.

Washington Husky Football will take on Colorado Buffaloes Football in the Pac-12 Conference Championship as Utah Football fails to pull off the upset eliminating the USC Trojans

Posted by Conquest Chronicles on Saturday, November 26, 2016

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Utah vs. Colorado Recap from Block U:

“And finally to the red zone percentage, wow. I don’t know how to describe it. Utah was within the red zone five times, that’s a pretty solid number considering all the issues stated above. Many of those red zone appearances had Utah down to about the 5, but Utah was only able to punch in one touchdown... ONE! Out of those, say, about 20 plays within the 10 yard line, Joe Williams got the ball maybe 4 times. Of course, most of those plays were dives. The one really good run Joe had down there, he was held up, and then the ball was stripped and recovered at about the 4. Again, the play calling left a poor taste in my mouth. Try a pitch or a sweep, or something. CU was running downhill all game long to stop Joe, but there are other methods to get the run game going. If Utah punches in one of those field goals into a touchdown, we have a different game, if they go 60% touchdowns while down there, Utah wins! This has been an issue all season long, again,some of it was execution (Moss’ wrong cut against Cal on the goal line), but after continued issues, this is at the feet of the playcaller. Shoot, if Utah brings their TD percentage to the redzone up to 70% on the season, we’re talking about a really special season, but now we’re talking about a solid 8-4 season, instead of something special.”