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USC Trojans Football: Sports by Scondi - USC vs UCLA Recap

USC v UCLA Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

One of the most irreverent USC blogs on the internet today, Sports by Scondi, has returned to publishing. You should check out his recap of USC and UCLA. A brief snippet is below:

“The Los Angeles Football Monopoly is back in South Central.

USC has finally used it’s “Get Out Of Jail, Free” card and looking to buy up all the properties for 2017.

UCLA drew a Community Chest and won 2nd place in a beauty contest. Collect $10.

You’re welcome UCLA. You no longer need to care about football anymore. You’re back to being the Tiffany Trump of Los Angeles. You had a fun three to four year run and now it’s over. And by fun, I mean, you just beat us at the end of the year to validate your underwhelming seasons built on high expectations.

When the scholarship sanctions and bowl bans were delivered, you had a perfect opportunity to seize control of the rivalry. Instead you hired Rick Neuheisel and Jim Mora and found ways to still lose to us in recruiting.”