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USC in Conversation for College Football Playoff

Could the Trojans actually get in?

Blackledge selects USC as #6!

After starting the season in such dismal fashion, who could have imagined that USC would fight their was back into the conversation for the College Football Playoff? That’s exactly what happened this morning during ESPN’s broadcast of Ohio State vs. Michigan State. Commentator Todd Blackledge selected USC as his #6 pick in the rankings, just outside the top four with Washington.

Blackledge acknowledged that there are a lot of teams in the running outside of the top four, but made his decision based on ‘how they are playing now.’ “I think USC is one of the best six teams in the country right now,” said Blackledge.

USC must take care of business tonight against UCLA before even thinking about a playoff appearance. However, this does say one thing about the Trojans - they are the team nobody wants to play.

Does USC have a chance for the Playoff? Let us know what you think with your comments.