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Washington and USC preview with Mark Rogers TV

We spoke with Mark Rogers TV about the Huskies and the Trojans

Oregon v USC Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

We spoke with Mark Rogers TV to preview the big game between Washington and USC. For more great college football videos subscribe to Mark Rogers TV on YouTube.

USC Trojans - Washington Huskies Preview

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From: “USC vs Washington 2016: Keys to the Game

Ride the Wave

The Trojans have been great over the past 5 weeks after a rough start to the season. Their confidence has shown to be very high and with momentum on their side, they have the ability to compete with anyone in the country. The addition of Sam Darnold to the Trojans’ offense has sparked this team and gave them new life. If they can continue to ride their wave against Washington (who has a wave of their own), an upset can definitely be on the horizon. The USC offense has breached the 40 point mark in 4 of their past 5 games, which should give Southern Cal fans confidence that their team can outlast the explosive Washington Huskies.”