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USC Tight End Tyler Petite scores second touchdown against Colorado

Trojan tight ends are once again making an impact

NCAA Football: Colorado at Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Tyler Petite scored his second touchdown of the day against the Colorado Buffaloes. His second touchdown was a critical one. Justin Davis had been injured, the running game began to lag and the turnovers and mistakes began to pile up. Colorado took advantage and tied the game up at 14.

Sam Darnold and the offense continued to move the ball however and Darnold found tight end Tyler Petite for a touchdown. The Trojans rolled Juju Smith-Schuster on a crossing route that drew the attention of the defense. Tyler Petite ran a route in an opposite direction and was able to slip free where Darnold found him for a touchdown. Petite’s score gave the Trojans a 21-14 lead with 8:30 left to go in the 4th quarter.

Colorado would march back down the field and score a field leaving the USC Trojans with a 4 point lead and in desperate need of a solid rushing attack to run the clock out but Justin Davis out of action.

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