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Rumor: Clancy Pendergast interested in Oregon not just USC Trojans

The Rumor mill made, Pendergast to USC sound like a done deal. Now, maybe not so much.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when Clancy Pendergast as the next USC defensive coordinator was rumored to be a done deal and all that was left was the paperwork? Well it seems now that is no longer the case as two sources; Ed Werder of ESPN, as well as the website are both claiming that the Oregon Ducks are trying to snatch Pendergast away. The Ducks recently demoted Don Pellum and are now on the hunt for a new defensive coordinator themselves.

From an anonymous source at regarding the hiring of Pendergast:

"USC, as of last night, was no longer convinced that it was just contractual issues that was the holdup."

There are few things to keep in mind about this latest round of rumors.

1. It could be complete garbage and not even remotely true.
2. Pendergast could legitimately be interested in going to Oregon and USC.
3. Pendergast could be using the Oregon job as negotiating leverage against USC or the other way around.
4. It could also be any number of other scenarios.

What is important to remember here is that these are rumors from unnamed, unverified sources that hope we just take their word for it. Also keep in mind that frequently, during coaching carousel season, agents and other individuals love to strategically use members of the press desperate for scoop. We see this happen all the time.

Is it entirely plausible that Clancy Pendergast could be the next defensive coordinator at Oregon? It sure is, and missing out on Pendergast would be a huge blow to Clay Helton looking to build a championship contending defense. We should find out one way or another where Pendergast is heading in the next couple of days.