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Traveler Hates Thursdays Podcast Episode 23: Clancy Pendergast, John Baxter, and other USC News

Saman and Will recount how long it took USC to firm up Clancy Pendergast as defensive coordinator, discuss the other staff changes (including John Baxter's return), hit other Trojan news, and wistfully detail Lane Kiffin's success with Alabama.

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Check out last week's episode from the Traveler Hates Thursdays Podcast right here on Conquest Chronicles:

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From the Clancy Pendergast advanced stats preview referenced in the episode:

"The highest ranking Cal defense had during his tenure was 2011, a year that showed a weakness on passing downs (2nd and 8+, 3rd and 5+ yards to go). The 26th overall ranked defense while good, isn't nearly as great as the the USC press release may want you to believe.

The argument USC fans might make is "well cal's recruits aren't as good as USC's" while that might apply, it's not like Cal's recruiting classes (using were terrible 35th in 2010, 16th in 2011, and 39th in 2012. Yes USC's were better in every year but as we've seen in the recent past recruiting rankings aren't guaranteed barometers of success. As a USC fan do I hope the 2013 defense is indicative of future performance? Of course I do. I also do see that the numbers raise some obvious questions. One being while in the top quarter of defenses in Rushing S&P+, it can be said that stopping the run is a weakness for the Pendergast system and while the Pac-12 is famous for throwing the ball teams like Stanford and Oregon are rushing powerhouses as of late."