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2015 USC Football: Week 2 Associated Press Poll

USC, UCLA and Arizona held steady in the AP Poll while Notre Dame surged.

Harry How/Getty Images
Much like the Coaches Poll there was no movement for USC in the second AP Poll. The Trojans remain at 8 where they were in the preseason. Notre Dame moved up 2 spots from 11 to 9. Arizona (22nd) and UCLA (13th) remain at the same spots as well. Utah moved into the rankings at 24th and Stanford as well as Arizona State dropped out of the rankings. Below you can see the AP and Coaches poll rankings side by side.
AP Coaches
1 Ohio State (61) Ohio State (63)
2 Alabama Alabama (1)
4 Baylor Baylor
5 Michigan State Oregon
6 Auburn Michigan State
7 Oregon Auburn
8 USC Florida State
9 Notre Dame Georgia
10 Georgia USC
11 Florida State Notre Dame
12 Clemson Clemson
14 LSU Ole Miss
15 Georgia Tech LSU
16 Texas A&M Georgia Tech
17 Ole Miss Oklahoma
18 Arkansas Arkansas
19 Oklahoma Texas A&M
20 Boise State Arizona
21 Missouri Missouri
22 Arizona Boise State
23 Tennessee Tennessee
24 Utah Wisconsin
25 Mississippi State Utah