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USC Football - Steve Sarkisian Idaho QnA

Coach Steve Sarkisian addresses what he saw on Saturday night, and what we can expect for the Trojans this week as the team preps for Idaho.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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Sark recapping what he did and did not like in the first game:

"We stressed effort and we stressed discipline"

"our third-down efficiency offensively we pride ourselves on third-down. We weren't very good last week"

-This was the first thing Sark said when asked about what needs to improve.

"you give up 5 sacks on the offensive side of the ball that's something we need to improve upon"

"I'd like us to be better on first and second down against the run."

Sark on the young guys

"It was encouraging playing a bunch of new players"

"I was obviously very impressed with Iman Marshall"

"All three true freshman running backs stepped up and did their thing"

"All and all very positive with definitely room to grow"

Sark Addressing injuries:

"Adoree' is really improving rapidly . . . he looks great, he's going to be back on the practice field with us tomorrow"

"It really looks like that we are going to get Claude Pelon back for this Saturday's game. It looks like we'll get Justin Davis back for this game."

"Lamar Dawson is probably the one big question mark headed into this weekend's ball game."

Sark on Idaho

"We know they are going to come in here fighting."