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Major Upgrades Coming to The Coliseum if L.A.’s Olympic Bid is Successful

The Coliseum could see as much as $800 million in renovations if the Olympics come to L.A. in 2024.

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Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum may once again become a part of sports history.

On Tuesday, US Olympic Committee CEO Scott Blackmun announced that Los Angeles had been selected as America's candidate to host the 2024 Summer Games. With that, a possible $800 million in upgrades and renovations could be earmarked for one of the most historic venues in all of sports. The announcement comes a month after staunch taxpayer opposition dashed the city of Boston's initial bid.

According to the L.A. organizing committee's bid, USC is already planning to spend $500 million on the Coliseum prior to 2024, leaving the committee to come up with $300 million more.

Although the battle rages, Pat Haden believes they'll also be hosting at least one NFL team by 2017 until they have a home of their own, which would help fill the coffers.

"They would be a tenant of ours for likely two seasons, while they built their own stadium. And, we would use those dollars as part of the money that we need to remodel the Coliseum," Haden said in an interview with

Although events would span the city, the Coliseum would be the centerpiece of the games, hosting track & field. Marathons and road cycling races would start and end on Hollywood Boulevard, beach volleyball would be held at it's birthplace in Santa Monica, and if they become approved sports for 2024, baseball and softball would be played at Dodger Stadium.

This would be L.A.'s third time hosting the games if selected, with previous shifts in 1932 and 1984.