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USC Football 2015: USC Drops, Stanford climbs, Big 10 dominates

All Hail our new Big 10 Overlords?

Harry How/Getty Images

Following last night's devastating 41-31 loss at home to Stanford, USC fans are now left hoping Stanford's loss to Northwestern in Week 1 was an exception to the norm. USC, who entered the week ranked 6th in the AP poll (highest of any Pac 12 team), fell all the way to 19th in the nation. There are a few bright spots though. For starters, Stanford now finds themselves ranked 21st, meaning yesterday is now a ranked loss (hooray?). Northwestern moved up five spots to 17 making Stanford's loss look better.

The Trojans are the third highest ranked 1-loss team in this young season, and there is still plenty of football left. They are in great position to make the College Football Playoff as long as they continue to win and Stanford/Northwestern remain quality teams.

Others Items of Note:

  • Michigan State stole 1 more first place vote from Ohio State while moving to 2nd in the country.
  • Ole Miss is the weeks biggest riser after a huge win at Alabama, 43-37.
  • SEC leads the nation in Top 10 teams with 3 in both polls
  • Pac-12 is the only conference without a Top 10 team in the Coaches Poll. UCLA is the highest ranked at 11.
  • The Coaches Poll keeps Auburn ranked 25th despite looking dreadful for two straight weeks

AP Coaches Massey
1 Ohio State (42) Ohio State (61) Ohio State
2 Michigan State (7) TCU Alabama
3 TCU (tie) Michigan State (3) Georgia
4 Ole Miss (tie) (11) Baylor Ole Miss
5 Baylor Ole Miss Michigan State
6 Notre Dame Georgia TCU
7 Georgia Florida State Baylor
8 LSU Notre Dame Florida State
10 Florida State Clemson LSU
11 Clemson UCLA Notre Dame
12 Alabama Alabama Georgia Tech
13 Oregon Oregon Clemson
14 Texas A&M Oklahoma Oklahoma
15 Oklahoma Texas A&M Texas A&M
16 Arizona Arizona Oregon
17 Northwestern Utah USC
18 Utah USC Stanford
19 USC Northwestern Arizona
20 Georgia Tech Georgia Tech Utah
21 Stanford Wisconsin Wisconsin
22 Wisconsin Oklahoma State Northwestern
23 BYU Missouri Kansas State
24 Oklahoma State Stanford BYU
25 Missouri Auburn West Virginia