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College football AP Poll: Power Rankings has ranked the AP Poll Top 25 teams based on their grammar.

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It turns out, using data in football can do much more than predict that Ohio State is going to be so good that all other schools will be crying for a salary cap if players actually got paid.

In the spirit of good ol' preseason power rankings, Grammarly put together a ranking of their own. The spelling mistake fighters at Grammarly wanted to see how bad the grammar of each team's respective fan base is. They tallied up the errors for each of the predicted 25 best teams of the upcoming season. USC ranks comfortably averaged in both rankings with grammar slightly better than the good folks in Ohio but worse than those who dawn crimson and cream and attend/attended a school with a 81.3% acceptance rate. There's nothing wrong with an A for effort, USC.

The ranking represented an average based on a minimum of 100 comments of 50 words or more on SBNation's college sports blogs (Like this one). Spelling, grammar, and punctuation all counted. And, Alabama needs a hug after at that performance.


<img src="" alt="College Football Ranking by Grammarly's Plagiarism Checker" width="850" height="2053" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-14907" />