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Idaho vs. USC Game Predictions

After unanimously going 1-0 last week, the CC staff is back to pick this week's game against Idaho.

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USC is 8-0 all-time against the Vandals. Do they become 9-0 this Saturday night? Hint: Every columnist at Conquest Chronicles says yes.

Game Prediction:

Trajuan Briggs: 63-10, USC. Expect the defense to come up with more turnovers and touchdowns as well as special teams becoming a game breaker early. The running game will set the tone this week with at least 280+ yards on the ground.

Nick Dempsey: This game is not so much about beating Idaho as it is about getting prepared for Stanford, and the rest of the brutal schedule to come. Make no mistake, USC will beat Idaho, but I expect the Trojans to focus on the offensive line and Kessler getting better with pre snap reads and adjustments. They will also focus on improving 3rd down conversions. Sure they will probably mix some big plays, some trick plays and other surprises in there but this is about getting the young depth plenty of quality snaps and getting everyone tuned up, playing in mid-season form in anticipation for the Cardinal the following week.

Julian Lopez: 70-7, USC. USC hasn't put up 70 points since September 17th, 2005 against Arkansas but that will change come Saturday. Idaho is bad. Idaho is very bad and the Trojans are going to come out, firing on all cylinders. I don't expect the first-team to play much of the second half but Traveler will be tired as USC wins big.

Bold Prediction:

Briggs: Ju Ju Smith Schuster will have 9rec 180 yards 3tds. After showing his strength, route running ability, and speed, I expect him to make a play every time he touches the ball. Whether its a go route or a bubble, Smith-Schuster has the ability to go big.

Dempsey: USC will be a well-oiled machine on Saturday and the stat sheet will look insane. There really aren't any truly bold predictions to make there. The only truly bold prediction would be that Idaho possibly puts up more of a fight than folks are maybe willing to give them credit for?

Lopez: There are so many ways I can go with this but I am going to say that quarterback Max Browne has two passing touchdowns, one of which goes to Christian Tober. I said before the season that Tober would get a touchdown this season and I believe Saturday will be his best chance. Also, running back Tre Madden has multiple rushing touchdowns.

Comment below with your bold and game predictions.