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USC vs Arkansas State: Depth Chart Deep Dive

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USC prepares to face off against the Red Wolves in season opener this Saturday

Harry How/Getty Images

The greatest time of the year is almost upon us, and as this Saturday gets closer and closer the waiting gets all the more difficult. In the meantime, here's a closer look at the starting lineup for this weekend's season opener.

USC put the depth chart out via twitter yesterday, with our own Julian Lopez covering it for the site, and as he already pointed out, there's not that many surprises. Right now the biggest affect on the roster seems to be the ever-present issue of early camp injuries.

On offense, Tre Madden will get the start at tailback over Justin Davis, though both of them battled through injuries sustained last season. However, both had a competitive camp working towards that starting spot and will continue to provide depth at that position in Buck Allen's absence.

Chris Hawkins will take the place of John Plattenburg on defense for this Saturday's game, potentially due to lingering hip issues sustained during practice a few weeks ago. This will be interesting to see develop through the rest of the season, especially considering the fact that ESPN named Plattenburg one of the emerging leaders of the team.

At DE, Greg Townsend will be starting over senior Claude Pelon, who sprained his knee in practice two weeks ago and was scheduled for surgery last Saturday to determine the extent of the damage.

Despite injury concerns, USC stays strong, and is favored to have the upper hand in this season's first match up against Arkansas State.

Are there any players here you think are being under utilized? Players you'd like to see more of? Just excited about the start of season? Let us know in the comments!