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USC Football: Cougcenter ranks the Pac-12 Uniforms

Our friends at ranked the Pac-12 uniforms and number one is not Oregon.

Donald Miralle/Getty Images

There has been a lot of debate among Trojan fans over the football jerseys. Some want to keep the traditional look and are not too fond of changing uniforms every week. Still others would not mind adding a few tweaks and updates every now and again.

Our friends at indirectly weighed in on the matter in their humorous ranking of the Pac-12 uniforms. You can add another vote to the tradition tally. Here is what Brian Anderson of Coug Center had to say about the USC Trojans having the best uniforms in the Pac-12:

"The most recent hubub about USC uniforms was whether they continue to wear black cleats with white shoelaces or allow players to were team-colored variations. They wore team-colored shoes for a while under Lane Kiffin, the badness happened to them, then they switched back to make everything all better. USC has gold pants with either a scarlet (home) or white (away) jersey. They always wear gold pants.

Other than the "chevron" stripes on the sleeves (and some flirting with facemask colors) USC has had the same look for some 50 years. The Trojan logo is iconic, and the simple primary color combination of the uniform is powerful, no fancy anything, just bold lines."

You can see his full rankings here.

Other favorite quotes:

Referring to Oregon's uniforms:

"You're a chef on Chopped that plated a very unique dish extraordinarily well, but didn't transform the eggplant and fruity pebbles into something desirably edible."

UCLA's Uniforms:

"Pretty good idea to scrap that brand recognition for a boring blue, shoulder stripes that don't have enough heart to go all the way around the shoulder, and tire-tread on your chest just in case you wanted to give the impression Puddles ran you over on his motorcycle during pre-game."


"it's weird, like you made a traditional uniform akin to a fedora or something."

As much as I enjoyed this humorous take on jerseys, I cannot wait for football season, or at least the start of fall camp.

Fight on!