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2015 USC Football: Steve Sarkisian - QnA Arkansas St

USC Football coach Steve Sarkisian sat down for QnA ahead of the Arkansas State game.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

"We don't call it subbing we call it platooning, we're platooning a lot more at every position group right now."

-Steve Sarkisian

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"Clay Helton has such a good handle of our offense right now."

-Sark on relinquishing play calling duties.

"5 excellent choices, 5 guys that are going to represent this team really well."

-Sark on the captains.

"You're going to see him even in the backfield some"

-Sark on all the different ways he intends to use Adoree' Jackson.

"We'll be a little more of an aggressive defense which is something that we wanted to focus on being not only up front but in the secondary."

Very explosive offense, up tempo, really go after you, attack you, and a very attacking style defense. I've been extremely impressed with how hard they play defensively, how hard they run to the football. This is a team that is a very, very scary one."

-Sark on Arkansas State.

Fight on!