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Opinion:The Spirit of Troy Calls Out Stanford Band

Michael Mahan shares his opinion -- like many people he is not the biggest fan of the Stanford Band

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Year in and year out, the Stanford band has acted like one of the most classless institutions in all of college football. After all, not many marching bands have an entire section devoted to "controversies" on their Wikipedia page.

But they are especially adept at finding new ways to demonstrate their apparent football-Napoleon complex every time they perform in the Coliseum. Their "irreverent" shtick rears its ugly head every other year to a full chorus of boos from Trojan fans, seemingly much to the delight of the LSJUMB and Cardinal fans alike.

You would think a school that played in the first Rose Bowl ever (spoiler alert: they lost 49-0 to Michigan) and once had Pop Warner as their coach would be content with their own storied history, but I suppose 75 years without a national title will inevitably breed a little jealousy.

Yesterday, the Stanford drum major and de facto leader posted this hot take regarding the Sark / Salute to Troy situation:

The Spirit of Troy did not take kindly to the jab and took to Twitter to craft the perfect response:

The Stanford "scatter band" has been banned from traveling to away games this year after an investigation found they violated numerous school policies.

It's a safe bet to assume that Stanford's performance would have been Sark-related in some capacity this year. So at the very least, let this be a reminder that no matter what the score is, the halftime entertainment at this year's USC Stanford game will be more enjoyable than it has in years past.