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Andre De Grasse ties for bronze in the 100M Dash at the IAAF World Championships

Grasse tied for third with Baylor sophomore Trayvon Bromell after a photo finish could not separate the runners.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

USC Track and Field sprinter Andre De Grasse concluded his 2015 season by competing against the world's best sprinters in the 100M Dash final at the IAAF World Championships early this morning in Beijing.

De Grasse, the Canadian and NCAA Champion in the 100M, qualified fourth for the final after running 9.96 in the semifinals, second to Usain Bolt.

The Canadian star finished tied for third in the finals with Trayvon Bromell after a photo finish could not declare separation between the lone collegiate athletes in the race. Bolt won the race while American Justin Gatlin finished second.

It's fitting that Bromell and De Grasse finished tied for third as during the NCAA Championships in June, De Grasse ran 9.75 in the 100M Dash to win the race while Bromell ran 9.88 to finish second. De Grasse (19.58) also beat Bromell (19.86)  in the 200M race.

After the race, De Grasse told CBC that he "didn't know you could actually tie for a bronze medal" and that he was happy for Bromell and proud of himself.