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2015 USC Football: Best USC links of the week

Here are some of the best USC Trojans links from around the web.

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Great news! We are expanding! Now onto the news.

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USC backup quarterback Ricky Town has left the program and hopes to have better opportunities at Arkansas.

Fansided reports that the defense wants more turnovers.

Graduate school orientation provided Max Browne the opportunity to get 1st team reps according to Scout.

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Coach Martin wants the ball in Adoree' Jackson's hands per the LA Times.

Toughness and finishing are, unsurprisingly, points of emphasis for the Trojans - from Greg Katz of WeAreSC.

Trojan Alum and undrafted free agent, George Farmer was waived by the Cowboys.

Quarterback turned wide receiver Jalen Greene is 'down for whatever' according to the LA Times.

Yahoo is reporting that USC is taking a team approach to replacing the dominant Leonard Williams.

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This article from Fansided has many great points about The Trojans' version of the no-huddle hurry-up offense. I'm not sure I would use beating Notre Dame's second string defense and Fresno St. as the strongest examples of the efficacy of the up-tempo offense, great as it may be. Coach Sark could have gone any speed he liked and still would have likely been just fine against those defenses

The LA times reports that Bryce Dixon is not turning to the courts to get back on the football team. Meanwhile Jalen Cope-Fitzpatrick will miss the season because of academics.

Steven Mitchell Jr. might be the best wide receiver no one seems to be talking about. From WeAreSC.

And speaking of great wide receivers, blue Chip Wide Receiver Tyler Vaughns decided to be a Trojan.



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