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Nelson Agholor in the NFL is all about progress

A great attitude, hard work, and a good heart make blue chip NFL players. Chip Kelly might’ve found one in Nelson Agholor.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Nelson Agholor will be a playmaker for the Philadelphia Eagles. Not because of his speed, not due to his release off the press, but simply because of his hard work ethic. Agholor is a true example of a humble athlete, his attitude is contagious and even as a rookie he will be able to motivate others. The talented receiver out of the University of Southern California goals are not to win the Super Bowl and become an instant star, instead Agholor only wishes to be a good person. Chip Kelly and staff couldn't be any happier with their first round pick.

After an impressive minicamp and OTAs, the Eagles have witnessed how dangerous Algholor can be. The rookie runs crisp routes, has reliable hands, and can get off the press, which makes him a impact player in the short and long passing game. With Agholor's versatility he can line up at the slot and be a possessive receiver or go one on one with a defender at wide out. With Jeremy Maclin leaving Philadelphia to sign with the Chiefs, Agholor has the opportunity to make an instant impact. Nelson will be challenging second year receiver Josh Huff and veteran Riley Cooper for the starting position. With depth at the slot, that leaves Jordan Matthews a chance to take over on the outside. Matthews a second-round pick out of Vanderbilt in 2014, stepped up as a rookie for the Eagles catching 67 passes, for 872 yards, and eight touchdowns. Nelson can very well follow Matthews' footsteps and possibly exceed them as well.

Nelson Agholor's combination of hard work and good attitude contributes greatly to Chip Kelly's culture. With a unit full of weapons, the Eagles' offense boast three exciting running backs, two athletic tight ends, and a core of receivers looking to make a name for themselves. In the midst of that depth chart you'll find a young Nelson Agholor, continuously striving to make progress. Whether we see Agholor as a starter on offense or special teams, his presence will be felt and he will have the opportunity to soar.