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Andre De Grasse male track athlete of the year

After a historic sweep of the 100M and 200M last weekend, De Grasse snatches one more award to finish up his junior season at USC.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Andre De Grasse has given the Trojans and Canada national exposure this year in track & field. After sweeping the 100M and 200M last weekend at the NCAA Division 1 track & field championships, the collegiate association decided to give the sprinter another accolade. The 20-year-old junior has been named the NCAA Division 1 male track athlete of the year, after running a 9.75 in the 100M and then turning around to run a 19.58 in the 200M. Both are top times in the nation and have put him high in the world rankings this season. There is no doubt De Grasse will continue on to run professional and represent Canada, but here's the big question: when will he go?

According to De Grasse's Canadian coach Tony Sharpe, he has been fielding calls from agents and a source stated to the Canadian Press that he has been offered a seven-figure shoe deal. When De Grasse was asked he commented, "I'm still discussing that with my coaches". USC coach Caryl Smith Gilbert believes he should stay in school since he is new but did mention that ultimately it is De Grasse choice.

Whether he chooses professional or not De Grasse has his eyes set on the Pan American Games and then the world championships in Beijing, where he will face Usain Bolt and Justin Gatlin. Andre also has his goals set to break the 16 year-old Canadian record held by Bruny Surin and Donovan Bailey. De Grasse is still taking classes and will be training in Los Angeles this summer.