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2015 USC Football: keeping toughness as a priority

Entering his second season as the Trojans’ head coach, Sarkisian is redefining USC football, keeping toughness as a priority.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Today in college football we see it everywhere, spend millions on uniforms, stadiums, and locker rooms. These three factors of the game have become main attractions for recruits, being the stepping-stone and foundation for big time recruits. Football players at these universities have the access to everything without doing anything actually for themselves. So when coach Sarkisian joined SiriusXM College Sports Nation, it was very eye opening to hear his opinion on all the updates to facilities and tradition.

"Are we doing enough to develop them, or are we just coddling them?" Sarkisian asked when on the radio talking about our student-athletes. Sarkisian pointed out that it is essential that we make sure our athletes can do things for themselves and prepare them for life. Sarkisian wants to make sure that the style of play does not soften and change throughout the years along with the stadiums and uniforms that attract these players. The results in all these big changes: 4-star recruits and some of the top recruiting classes in the nation. Despite all the exciting upgrades recruits and coaches tend to forget the simplicity and basics that make college football so great.

Sarkisian and his staff are doing a great job at narrowing his team's focus. He believes this offseason has been quite productive, teaching his players that it is about practice, preparation, and winning games. He reminisces and goes back to how USC and the University of Miami both had poor facilities back in the 80's and 90's but were top programs in the nation. With a coach that realizes that the basics are everything to make a successful program leading a mentally tough team, the Trojans will be top contenders this season. The Trojans first test for the 2015 season will take place at home September 5th, against Arkansas State.