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Daily Trojan Defeats Daily Bruin In Annual Blood Bowl

The USC school newspaper defeated UCLA 57-43 in the annual Blood Bowl.

Although the Trojan baseball team suffered through a painful loss on Friday, it wasn't all bad for the Trojans. Five writers from the USC school newspaper, the Daily Trojan, traveled to Westwood on a sunny Friday afternoon to take on the Daily Bruin in the annual blood bowl.

For those of you who are unaware, the Blood Bowl is the annual matchup between the Daily Trojan and Daily Bruin every semester. In the fall the teams play football and in the spring they play basketball.

The Trojans jumped to an early 15-0 lead behind some hot shooting. The Bruins would battle back and bring the game within five points midway through the first half. However, the Trojans rebounded almost immediately and pushed the lead back to 12 at the half.

From there on out the Bruins never really challenged the Trojans again. At one point the Bruins cut the lead to 8 before a quick 9-0 run put the Trojans up by 17 with only five minutes to go. The Trojans would go on to win the game 57-43, their second consecutive win in the Blood Bowl.

Daily Trojan sports editor, Darian Nourian paced the Trojan offense with 28 points, as the Bruins could not contain him for a second consecutive year. Yours truly also participated in the game, chipping in 21 points for the Trojans. With the win, the Daily Bruin had to tweet out that they lost to the Daily Trojan.

The Daily Trojan and Daily Bruin will meet again next December in the Blood Bowl, this time in football. For now, Trojan fans can savor a win over the crosstown rivals, even if it is miniscule.