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2015 USC Trojans Baseball: Lawsuit allegedly filed against current and former Trojans

More details on a disturbing story regarding USC Baseball.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Former USC pitcher Sean Adler, former outfielder Vahn Bozoian, and current sophomore Marc Huberman are defendants in a lawsuit filed Thursday according to College Baseball Daily and my news LA. The suit alleges that the three men filmed the complainant having sex.

According to my news LA:

"However, in March 2013, the three players agreed to secretly make a video — without her consent — of her and Bozoian being intimate, the suit alleges. Bozoian told Adler that she was on her way and he hid in the room while she and Bozoian had sex, the suit alleges.

The trio distributed the video "to the general public including ... other members of the baseball team," according to the lawsuit.
The woman says she found out about the video in December 2013 when one of her sorority sisters said she had "some terrible news" to tell her and recounted to the plaintiff that a member of the baseball team told her about the video and its wide distribution.

"Plaintiff was immediately embarrassed, disgusted, humiliated and distraught," the suit states.

The woman says she sought counseling that night and postponed her final exams because she was unable to focus. She was "taunted and harassed" on campus the next semester by other students who saw the video, and she withdrew from several classes and postponed exams because of her distress, according to her court papers."

Addler is no long a member of the team, and as you may recall Bozoian was released earlier in the season for disciplinary issues. Marc Huberman, however, as of now, is on the roster for today's match against Virginia.