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Congrats to Joey Kaufman

It has been a long time since I wrote a front page post here on CC. I hope the new site managers allow me to have a little creative license, as we have not formally met.

Many of you old-timers know I left 18-months ago to focus on starting a new business. It could not have been a better move as things are humming along nicely.

I have many fond memories of writing for SBN on CC. It was a labor love since CC was founded by me and DC Trojan in 2006...but when it was time, it was time.

One of the people that helped keep things humming was Joey Kaufman. Joey wrote for us while he was a student at USC. His contributions helped me and DC Trojan with the writing duties with our respective work load and family schedules.

As things progressed and as Joey got his writing chops up and running, DC Trojan and I told Joey to focus on his work at the Daily Trojan, he was always destined for bigger and better things. We appreciated his work but we knew it was short lived.

Joey graduated and moved to the Chicago area to start his career. Recently, Joey took a job at the Orange County Register covering the UCLA beat...How do you think the crew at Bruins Nation will take that?!?!?

I could not be happier for Joey, he has earned it!

This post is a simple thank you and tribute to a great guy who was part of the team. You hit the big time Joey!!