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The Kenny Bigelow Gif

If Kenny Bigelow had a mic he would have dropped it. This might be my new favorite gif. #FightOn

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

In order to satisfy my borderline addiction to news and information about USC football I stumbled on to an old video of USC's final spring workout from 2014. For about the first minute and half of so it was an interesting, but not exactly groundbreaking video like most coverage of spring football.

For reference you can watch it here:

At about the 1:14 mark, however, Kenny Bigelow wins his competition. After that, Mr. Bigelow did not have a microphone to drop, but he made it clear that if he had one, he'd drop one.

Key and Peele doing their best Kenny Bigelow impression

I talked to Pat Haden* and he told me that if you don't like Conquest Chronicles on Facebook, or follow us on twitter, then Charlie Weis will be the next head football coach for USC. Get ready for long grass, no defense and a football program that will repeatedly rank among the ten best 5-win teams in the country.

*Editor's note, just in case it was not clear there is literally nothing factual about this statement, it never happened and it never will, but you should probably follow us on twitter and facebook anyway.