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Notes From Steve Sarkisian's Opening Presser

Coach Sarkisian dressed the part for success.
Coach Sarkisian dressed the part for success.
Evan Budrovich

Steve Sarkisian was one happy camper, entering a small, jam-packed classroom in the John McKay Center with confidence, swagger and a dapper suit and tie combination. Among the many items Sarkisian talked about, the second-year head coach went position by position to address his 24-man recruiting class.

  • On Liberty High School defensive lineman Noah Jefferson: "I love his upside...He definitely has the physical tools to be a really good one."
  • On Iman Marshall: "He's unique....It’s a mentality, he lines up going nose to nose."
  • Sarkisian said that Mission Viejo center Cole Smith reminds him of Ryan Kalil.
  • Sark: "Our challenge is to develop these guys not only individually, but as a team."
  • On the Trojans' two blue shirt recruits: "They are guys that do this have a sense of maturity. I think of them with a higher regard."
  • Sark: "We need to build a football team that has a potential to be a bully."
  • Osa Masina (LB-TE), Dominic Davis (RB-WR), Ykili Ross (DB-WR), Isaiah Langley (DB-WR) were listed as two-way players that Sark wants to toy with this season.
  • Sark called Tyler Petite the "most important player" of the entire class.
  • "We're going to make our living in California," coach Sarkisian about recruiting.
  • USC's Defensive Line: Jacob Daniel, Noah Jefferson, Kevin Scott, Christian Rector, Rasheem Green. Sark called this group of talented players "big, long and strong."
  • Sark had no update on the new offensive line coach, but mentioned that more news would be on the way in the coming week.
  • Sark, following a stellar No. 1 ranked recruiting class: "I really believe our future is ridiculously bright." I'm happy for our staff, I know how hard our guys worked."
  • In terms of playing with College Football playoff expectations, Coach Sarkisian accepted the challenge. "We chose to come here to be the best. We're not going to shy away from what people expect us to be."